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Castle FORMULA Camp, Brâncovenești

We would like to thank all the participants in the interdisciplinary Castle FORMULA Camp for all their creative ideas! On Saturday, we listened to all their suggestions regarding the sustainable development of the Kemény Castle in Brâncovenești. Among other...

EduCastle at Racoș and Vârghiș

We spent magnificent moments at Racoș and Vârghiș with the EduCastle toys! Twelve toys and games, all connected to the castles of Transylvania awaited younger and older children to try them, have fun with them, and in the meantime,...

PIKNIK – Open Castles’ Week

Six castles in Transylvania, Romania joined the series of events called PIKNIK – Open Castles’ Week, coordinated by the Castle in Transylvania Programme between 24th and 27th May and jointly attracted over 3000 visitors.

Advent at Mikes Estate, Zăbala

Thank you everyone who attended our Advent event at the Mikes Castle in Zabola last Saturday! The Castle in Transylvania program organized for the first time an event for families and we are very glad that so many people...

Castle in Transylvania Shop X ZAIN

The Castle in Transylvania Shop X ZAIN Exhibition presented the current products in the Castle in Transylvania Webshop and a sneak peek into the upcoming collections. Foto: Szabó Tamás