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In design thinking, the presentation of the ideas and prototypes is a very important step. The 119 students participating in INNOVATORY Cluj-Napoca presented their work at the INNOVATORY Gala on November 24th and the ideas were very valuable.  All the presentations reflected the fact...

European Youth Friendly Cities Conference 2.0

The European Youth Friendly Cities Conference 2.0 in Cluj-Napoca with 21 speakers from 8 countries approached the subject from various perspectives, presented best practices and measures taken in order to obtain an urban ecosystem friendly with young people, and...

Conferința European Youth Friendly Cities

Youth policies, views on participatory budgeting and the immense benefits of speaking to young people in the right way were presented at the European Youth Friendly Cities Conference in Thessaloniki. Read the press release about the conference here.

Com’ON Café Consultations

Com’ON Romania aimed to identify the needs and desires young people and to encourage their civic engagement, especially through dedicated participatory budgeting mechanisms for young people in cities of Romania.