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Forward in Urban Youth Volunteering 21

Through this project PONT and the other partner institutions aim to put youth volunteering at the epicentre of urban resilience and long-term urban development based on equity, participation and shared vision by creating and delivering an urban transformation process...

European Innovatory

Through this project we aim to create European Innovatory, a European movement of 840 high-school pupils, 70 teachers, 50 experts and decision makers involved in a creative and collaborative learning process identifying needs and problems in society and providing...

Kreativ Kolozsvár & K Plusz

Kreativ Kolozsvár and K Plusz intent is to assist young and innovative people to grow by creating or taking part in feasible businesses and to provide a space for sustainable growth. We do this through various workshops for all levels of entrepreneurs, through organising themed evenings and mornings with expert guests within Kreatív Kolozsvár and...

Romanian Youth Capital

Cities for youth. Annually, through the competition, the title is awarded to the city that successfully manages to put together the ideas of young people, local authorities and the private environment to create a strategy of local development for young...

K+ Talent Promotion Program

K+ Program is a complex talent promotion program, with the main objective of finding and promoting talented young people living in and around the area of Cluj-Napoca.

History is Our Story

The built heritage will be presented in an original artistic manner in this project: an interactive webdocumentary about three Transylvanian castle.

Network of European Youth Capitals

NEYC este o rețea informală de colaborare a unor municipalități și organizații din orașele ce au fost nominalizate să poarte titlul de Capitală Europeană a Tineretului