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What is this mentoring program?  

F2F – Mentoring program with youth for youth is a free entrepreneurial mentoring program within the Creative Cluj program. During the process, selected teams work with mentors, advisors and trainers to implement their ideas and businesses. Experts will be involved in crystallizing ideas, helping plan key milestones and supporting teams to find a secure position in the market.   


The winning team  

In addition to knowledge and practice, the best team from the first mentoring program also received a prize of €2,000. The final results were based on marks from the mentor who guided the process and the jury who viewed the presentations. NECC – Nature Education Community Center, which won the grand prize, aims to raise awareness of the importance of nature and promote science through educational activities. They place a strong emphasis on learning through play and strongly believe that adults who are made aware of nature’s values from an early age become attached and therefore feel responsible for it.  



The program is open to teams of at least two young people aged between 18 and 35 who have an idea that is at or beyond the idea stage, a social enterprise and a product or service for young people.  


  • BLAZE Design Shop  
  • Glitch Design Agency  
  • MOTUS – PT & Nutrition  
  • SZÜZSÉ Publication  
  • NECC – Natura Education Community Centre  
  • Kubuk – online board game shop   

During the workshop, which took place on 7-9 October, the candidates worked with strategic consultants Ágnes Hűvös and Adrián Orosz from Karson Consulting. Each team was then given their own mentor, who they could meet with weekly, ask for advice and discuss with. They also had the opportunity to meet with a consultant for half an hour a week, who shared their expertise in finance, human resources, marketing, management and leadership.    


  • András Farkas, PONT Group  
  • Ágnes Gündisch, Noble House  
  • Szabolcs Ilyés, RegioConsult  
  • Gergő Mostis, Planetarium Café  
  • Dr. Károly Simon, IT Plus Cluster  

At the end of the mentoring process, the teams will participate in a presentation workshop and prepare for the Open Day, where they will present their businesses to investors, partners and the professional jury. All teams will receive feedback and celebrate their achievements together.    


The F2F – Youth for Youth mentoring program is organised by Creative Cluj-Napoca and partners with RIF – RMKT Youth Group and the Hungarian Youth Centre. Creative Cluj-Napoca is a program of the PONT Group and the event is part of the K Plus Framework Program. The K Plus Program is supported by the Prime Minister of Hungary through the National Talent Program.