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The Kreatív Kolozsvár programme plans dozens of events by the end of June. The series of programmes follows the proven forms of events as successes during the five years of operation, designed and developed online for the coronavirus epidemic. In the programme series the programme operators plan four entrepreneurship workshops, two creative industry workshops, monthly Kreatív Kolozsvár mornings and monthly Kreatív Kolozsvár evenings. The year 2021 was initiated by Hûvös Ágnes with the Kreatív Kolozsvár mornings series which has been for many years professionally forming and supporting young Hungarian entrepreneurs in Cluj-Napoca. The next guest of the Kreatív Kolozsvár programme was Kalamár Gáspár-Gábor, co-founder and creative director of GavArt Productions (gavart.ro), who spoke to young entrepreneurs at the March 4th event about the journey he made from the university to his own business.


The Mastermind Entrepreneurial Workshop was launched on March 2nd to help young entrepreneurs who were affected by the epidemic in a new community format. This guided format relies on entrepreneurs to find answers and solutions to the questions and problems they face in their businesses through their own practical experiences and with the help of professional consultants. On the 12th. , 19th. and 26th of March  there will be a series of talks to give people in different life situations a practical vision on how to start their own businesses: the first one will be about how to start a business if you don’t want to quit your current job (http://bit.ly/3bbKRrl), the second about how to start a business during your studies (http://bit.ly/3kGiCnz) and the third about how to start a business while parenting (http://bit.ly/3kHDuuY). In April and May the programme will have a basic entrepreneurial workshop and an advanced one, preferably in offline or online format. Also in April and May the programme plans to organise two workshops in the creative industry field in order to provide young people with professional and practical knowledge on how to align their goals with the entrepreneurial perspective.


Kreatív Kolozsvár’s first monthly guest in 2021 was Megyeri Mirtill, one of Hungary’s young human resources expert, founder of the Zyntern.com startup, with whom participants discussed post-COVID trends in the labour market. Organizers prepare five similar Kreatív Kolozsvár evenings until the end of June.


The program aims to launch a monthly newsletter for informational purposes and to update the web page kreativkolozsvar.ro with features such as feedback from participants, recorded events and an online database, all to create more opportunities for young people to get involved in the program.


About the Kreatív Kolozsvár program


Kreatív Kolozsvár is a program specialized in developing creative and entrepreneurial skills, the main target group being potential young Hungarian entrepreneurs living in the Cluj-Napoca area, who are interested in the creative industries. The principal aim of the program is to help creative young people in their professional self-realization, which they can achieve by creating or integrating their business visions in a viable way. The program was launched in 2015 and continued its process during the coronavirus outbreak. In 2020, 1628 young people participated in events organised by the programme and 77,518 people accessed our contents online.


The program is implemented under the K+ program. The K+ programme is operated by the PONT Group (www.pontgroup.org) and its partner, the Hungarian Youth Centre of Cluj. The K Plusz (www.kplusz.ro) programme is sponsored by the Human Resources Support Centre of the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources through the National Talent Programme.


More details about the program can be found on the Kreatív Kolozsvár Facebook page (www.facebook.com/kreativkolozsvar) or on the program’s website (www.kreativkolozsvar.ro).