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The Happy City – Youth after pandemic survey was launched in Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Bacău, Baia Mare, Iași, Constanța and Târgu Jiu, cities holding the title of Youth Capital in Romania. The campaign is active until March 6.

The survey measures certain aspects of young people’s lives: how happy they feel, how safe, united and proactive their city is and what they think can be done in addition to the current situation. Thus, the survey will collect young people’s opinions and perceptions about their own city, both on common issues and on the pandemic situation, and the answers will be used to assess what cities can do for their young people and how cities can involve young people in increasing the sense of belonging to the community. As a reward for completing the Happy City survey, two of the respondents from each city will win a 200 RON worth Cărturești gift card.

Cluj-Napoca (RO version) https://pontgroup.typeform.com/hcyap-cluj
Cluj-Napoca (HU version) https://pontgroup.typeform.com/hcyap-kolozsvar
Timișoara https://pontgroup.typeform.com/hcyap-timisoara
Bacău https://pontgroup.typeform.com/hcyap-bacau
Baia Mare https://pontgroup.typeform.com/hcyap-baiamare
Iași https://pontgroup.typeform.com/hcyap-iasi
Costanța https://pontgroup.typeform.com/hcyap-constanta
Târgu Jiu https://pontgroup.typeform.com/hcyap-tgjiu


Happy City – Youth after pandemic is part of the Oraș Tânăr (Young City) project, funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ programme. Oraş Tânăr aims to help reset approaches to the process of creating long-term visions for cities and medium-term urban development strategies, based on the young generation of 15-29 year olds. The general objective of the project is to create a quality certificate to define what a young city means and the processes related to it, and to encourage Romanian cities to invest in aspects specific to the needs of young people to obtain this certificate.