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Have you ever wondered how happy young people are in Romanian cities? 6,69 – tell us those more than 5600 young people who participated in the Happy City survey. ⁣

But we’ve found out even more. Thus: ⁣

  • young people are happiest in Iași, which scored 7.49 points; ⁣
  • in contrast, the happiest city is Cluj-Napoca with 6.75 points;
  • safety in neighbourhoods is the strong point of the cities: 7.24 points; ⁣
  • and the biggest challenge is that young people do not feel the unity of the cities, which received only 5.82 points; ⁣
  • we are delighted that more than 1 in 6 people would get involved in the future to help the city by volunteering. ⁣

And these are just some of the results! You can see the report in Romanian here.

The information collected will help in developing an action plan to make young people as happy as possible in the cities where they live. The Happy City study was conducted by the PONT Group and the Youth Capital Governance of Romania (Youth Council of Romania, Youth Federation of Cluj, PONT and BCR) in the framework of the Young City project.