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Mapping best practices for youth-friendly cities – a collection of best practices, is now available to the public. The publication is aimed at local authorities, organisations and institutions working in the field of youth policy. It provides an overview of different good practices that make cities more youth-friendly.

The editorial consortium looks at cities in five dimensions:

  • active youth participation,
  • health and well-being,
  • support for economic independence,
  • infrastructure,
  • conditions for learning and development.

Within these, it sets standards that contribute to the development and improvement of youth-friendly approaches present in cities. Concrete projects reflect the possibilities of putting theoretical ideas into practice.

We invite you to explore various examples of standards for a youth-friendly city and different ways of how they could be achieved! Acknowledging the diversity of conditions and legal frameworks existing in Europe, we present you a range of hands-on examples of how other cities have solved selected problems. At the end of the day you will find your own way to transform your city into a more youth-friendly place. 

The publication and information about the background project are available here.

The publication is the result of the work conducted by Nausika Fundacja Edukacyjna in partnership with DYPALL Network, Inštitut za mladinsko politiko (Slovenia), ARS for Progress of People (Belgium/Italy), Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) and PONT Group.