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We are looking forward to welcoming curious children and interested adults to our programmes organised in the framework Castle in Transylvania and Creative Cluj!

 The first half of the week will focus on exploring the heritage of castles.
The EduCastle project is an initiative of the PONT group, which aims to present the history of Transylvanian castles through interactive games. The project has developed 12 games that provide valuable information in a fun way for children aged 7-13. In this way, children will get to know different historical periods, personalities and discover the way of life that the castles provided the framework for. These games offer experiential learning, and curious young and old alike can briefly immerse themselves in the world of bygone times.
 The second half of the week will be all about business in the framework of Creative Cluj project. We will talk to the most current players in the Carpathian Basin entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem. We will look at how the Transylvanian entrepreneurial ecosystem has changed recently and what to expect next. We will look for answers on how can local entrepreneurs, hubs and programmes support and encourage young people?
We welcome all interested!