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If we want the public to see the cultural and artistical important of Transylvanian castles, we need to start raising awareness at a very early age. Within the framework of the Castle in Transylvania project, we have developed the EduCastle games to give children a fun way to get to know the world of this heritage.

During the 13th Cluj Hungarian Days, Planetarium Kids was filled with bright-eyed, curious children. They tried their hand at skill games, learned old words, placed castles on maps, observed how people used to dress, what smells wafted through courtyard kitchens, drew in the sand, made pictures of castles out of giant cubes, while reading interesting facts about them. Réka, Timi and Viki from PONT Group, played with them, guided them and helped them explore.

Over 100 children and adults tried out the games in two days. We hope they not only learned about the world of castles, but also loved it and will share it with others!

Serar Szabolcs