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Young people will decide the specific youth theme of 2023 in Cluj-Napoca. This theme will be the basis for developing projects and setting funding priorities at the local level but will also be a source of inspiration for all actors of the Cluj youth ecosystem. You can read and vote them by clicking here.


Sixteen proposals were received by the deadline. On the basis of these, an interdisciplinary team of young people and youth workers drew up the final four proposals to be put to the vote.

Voting is open until 15 January, 23:59.




Who decides the theme of the Youth Year 2023?

The final theme will be decided by a public vote that will take place on 2023.clujforyouth.ro. The voting will run from 20 December 2022 to 15 January 2023. The condition to participate in the voting process is to have an active account on the bugetareparticipativa.ro platform. Anyone aged 14 or above can create an account on this platform. The voted theme will be announced between 16-20 January 2023. Any young person can vote for one of the four proposals.

What will such a thematic year mean in practice?

On the one hand, this thematic year serves as a way to draw the attention of decision-makers and other stakeholders to the theme proposed and decided by young people, including through dedicated funding priorities. On the other hand, the coordinators of this initiative will undertake their own measures to address this topic and will contribute to strengthening the activities of the Cluj youth ecosystem addressing the chosen theme in any form. At the same time, the chosen theme will also be addressed in the Com’ON Cluj-Napoca programme, 2023 edition.

To read the proposals and vote, click here.




Who and why proposed the framework for the thematic youth years in Cluj-Napoca?

The City Hall of Cluj-Napoca, the Cluj Metropolitan Area Association, the Cluj Youth Federation and the PONT Group initiated the Cluj for Youth Partnership – Cluj for Youth 2030 during 2021. Through this agreement, the initiators aim to create the basis for the realization of a broad framework of collaboration aimed at increasing the quality of everyday life, broadening personal development prospects and encouraging the participation of young people in the formation and development of the urban and metropolitan community of Cluj. The collaboration also aims at increasing the capacity of the youth ecosystem (i.e. organisations of any kind operating in Cluj-Napoca and the Cluj Metropolitan Area) to provide services and solutions to the specific needs of young people. This approach is initiated in the framework of this collaboration.

The partnership proposes to define a thematic year every three years for Cluj-Napoca and the Cluj Metropolitan Area. Thus in this decade it is proposed to identify a theme for the years 2023, 2026 and 2029. During 2022 the local effort focused on the European Year of Youth under the name Cluj for European Year of Youth 2022, which demonstrated the contribution of the municipality to the development of initiatives and networks at European and national level by hosting a series of local events.

Who could propose themes and until when could they do so?

Any young person (who is 14 years old and 36 years old on 25 November 2022) who declared on their own responsibility that they live and/or study and/or work in Cluj-Napoca could propose a specific theme for the thematic year of youth 2023.

By the deadline 16 proposals had been received. On the basis of these, an interdisciplinary team of young people and youth workers drew up the four final proposals to be voted on by young people.