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The Center for Independent Journalism (CJI), Ashoka România, E-Civis, EDUMI, Funky Citizens and PONT Group join forces in the “Digital Literacy Transformation for Romanian Youth” project. In the following three years, through a strategic approach combining research, resource development, advocacy and communication campaigns, the six NGOs will work to help tomorrow’s active citizens to be better equipped for making informed decisions.

According to the World Economic Forum’s latest Global Risks Report 2024, the most important perceived global risk lies in the intentional use of misinformation, threatening elections, social cohesion, and freedom of information globally. After this elections super-year, “over the next two years, the widespread use of misinformation and disinformation, and tools to disseminate it, may undermine the legitimacy of newly elected governments”. 

Moreover, GLOBSEC established in 2022 that 39% of respondents in Romania believed conspiracy theories and misinformation and that Romania is the European country with the lowest level of basic digital skill compared to the European Union’s average. The lack of digital and media literacy skills is also affecting the youth, who are highly influenced by what they see on social media platforms. And, according to a study conducted by the CIJ in 2022, most of them were unable to identify elements in suspicions articles or posts.

To counteract these challenges, the “Digital Literacy Transformation for Romanian Youth” project will involve teachers, students, local CSOs, media companies and journalists to better prepare the youth, and adults alike. 

Looking at global standards on digital literacy, and building on their previous experience, the NGOs will streamline intervention models through formal education, working with teachers to develop the media and digital competencies of the students. They will also focus on expanding extracurricular activities that put the students in the position to learn by doing (tailor-made training and mentoring programs for pedagogical school students, trainings in the RoboHubs, school newsrooms). All this will be supported by broadening non-formal education formats that include different stakeholders, especially local NGOs that work with youth, and engaging the full spectrum of allies to support inclusive design to meet the needs of vulnerable groups and help mitigate risks related to institutional programs. 

The „Digital literacy transformation for Romanian Youth” project is coordinated by CIJ and implemented in partnership with Ashoka România, E-Civis, EDUMI, Funky Citizens and PONT Group. The total budget of the project is 2,057,916 CHF, out of which 1,797,406 CHF are financed by Fondation Botnar. The project will unfold over a period of 3 years, between September 2023 – August 2026.

For more information, please contact:

Adriana Trocea, Communications, Brand & Fundraising Manager, Center for Independent Journalism, adriana@cji.ro

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