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March, 2020
7:00 pm
5:00 pm
Amiens, France, Place de l'Hôtel de ville

What if we built long-term urban development around young people?

Today’s young people will be the key generation of our cities in 20-30 years.

Challenges are raised by youth experts, decision makers and practitioners from partner cities and European institutions within the opening event. Each city will be represented by at least 6 people, including youth leaders, decision makers and youth support organisations. Each topic is analysed in a 90-minute panel resulting in a position paper created by each panel’s lead panellist.


With a cultural events programme combining music, cinema and theatre festivals, some of which happen in the streets, Amiens fully deserves its place as European Youth Capital! Although it is a historical city with the Cathedrale Notre Dame, classified by UNESCO (the 800th anniversary in 2020) there is also a wonderful youth dynamic in Amiens thanks to the university “La Citadelle”, which is located at the centre of the town.

Amiens EYC 2020 is Amiens For Youth. This name wraps up policies about Youth from the local to the European level. The aim is to create the best friendly and innovative spaces in Amiens for young people. Amiens 2020 wants young people at the centre of decision-making processes in all areas and levels. Amiens For Youth wants to be a facilitator for youth and all partners involved in the youth field, like economic, cultural and social stakeholders, in order to implement projects.

The mission of the Network of the European Youth Capitals is to develop a cooperative and sustainable network of European cities which were designated as European Youth Capitals by the European Youth Forum, building solidarity among members and partners and encouraging European cities to align to the vision of this network.

The Network has the city of Turin, Braga, Maribor, Thessaloniki, Cluj-Napoca, Ganja, Varna, Cascais, Novi Sad, Amiens, Klaipeda and Tirana among its active members being in the process of official registration as non-governmental network entity.

The Citizen Y Resource Centre aims to deliver support, expertise and to get involved in co-creating social innovation processes at urban and regional level which develop youth friendly urban and regional ecosystems built on increased participation of young people and on new ways of participation-at-scale.

The centre works on developing intellectual resources in the field of urban and regional youth strategies and action plans, consultation mechanisms with young people, participatory budgeting for youth, developing thematic urban youth programmes and the relation of youth, urban development and sustainability.

The Citizen Y Resource Centre was established and is managed by the PONT Group, a Cluj, Romania-based NGO working in the field of social innovation through participation, entrepreneurship and culture with a special focus on youth and the use of information technology.