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Thank you everyone who attended our Advent event at the Mikes Castle in Zabola last Saturday! The Castle in Transylvania program organized for the first time an event for families and we are very glad that so many people – around 500 – came to see the beautiful castle garden and join the handmade workshops, the kamishibai, the quizzes and the activities with train models. We would like to invite you to join us for our upcoming events as well.

We would like to thank our partner, Zabola Estate, Transylvania for the event, Bíró Boróka (Bloom Belle) for the workshop for adults, Demeter Éva for the kamishibai, the interactive storytelling and the quizzes, Kémenes Ibolya and volunteers Nádasdi Csilla and Málnási Zita for the activities for children, Sikló Association for the train models, Karton Network for the cardboard house and Christmas trees and Retrobooth for taking instant photos of the participants.

Foto: Sebők Tímea