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Let’s do well together! Com’On Cluj-Napoca is the perfect setting for young people to form informal groups and put their ideas into practice. Anyone between the ages of 14 and 35 could propose any idea created to generate something positive for the Cluj community. Then, on the principle of participatory budgeting, citizens can vote on initiatives, thus having a say on a part of the city’s budget. 2020 brought 46 initiatives (out of 70 proposals) on themes of health, learning, participation and enabling environment, both in city ​​as well as online. 

”Com’ON Cluj-Napoca, at its core, gives the power to the youngsters and, indirectly, to the community. Do you have an idea for a better Cluj? Great! Let’s check real quick if the community endorses it and let’s get to work. Com’ON Cluj-Napoca ’20 not only generated ideas and activities, but also increased the participation of the Cluj community on different levels – from transforming youngsters into dreamers and organizers, to having decision power in how the budget is spent or to actively participate in various initiatives run in the city. We started Com’ON Cluj-Napoca ’20 saying Let’s do well together!. And we did.” – Larisa Dumitroaea, project manager