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How can we support youth to solve their problems? Bring them together, give them the opportunity to develop their problem-solving skills in a playful way and let their creativity flourish! ­čĄ»­čĺí­čÄĘ At the final workshop of Creative Youth Cities in Cluj-Napoca, young people aged 15-26 worked on their ideas in groups and then voted for the best one.

­čôÜ­čĹę­čĆŻ The team behind this creative, alternative learning space wants to create a space for thinking together. They envision a space where they can brainstorm and work together on projects that are important to them after school. They will present this idea in Portugal at the end of November and continue to think about it with creative young people like themselves.
They will be hosted in ├ügueda by Psient├şfica, Centro de Juventude de ├ügueda. Ôťł´ŞĆ

Photos by Serar Szabolcs.