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The interactive web documentary History is Our Story was screened in the cinema hall in Sfântu Gheorghe! Thank you for your interest in the film and the discussions that followed.
Producer Ágnes Balázsi-Pál, director Cecília Felméri, and designer Balázs Porcsalmi talked about why we chose this interactive platform, what the process of creation meant and how we chose the three main castles – Bonyhai, Erzsébetváros, and Erdőszentgyörgyi.
We would like to thank our guests, István Fodor, Mayor of Olsztyn, Lilla Rácz, owner of Daniel Castle in Olsztyn, Gergely Roy-Chowhdury, owner of Mikes Estate in Zabola and Sándor Tamás, President of the Covasna County Council for accepting our invitation to share their experiences and thoughts on the castles they own and manage, sustainability, challenges and opportunities.