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Thank you all for coming to the premiere of the interactive web documentary History is Our Story in Târgu Mures! At the meeting we screened the main leitmotif of the film, presented the interactive interface and
After the screening, moderated by programme organiser Katalin Lukács, the film’s producer Melinda Borsos, Managing Director of PONT Group, Ágnes Balázsi-Pál Balázsi, talked to the film’s producer Melinda Borsos about the castles of Bonyha and Erdőszentgyörgyi, which are also featured in the film, and about the making of the film, president of the Transylvanian Reformed Women’s Association, the owner of the Bethlen Castle in Bonyha, Lóránd Fülöp, coordinator of the interactive web interface, István Menyhárt, project manager of the Erdőszentgyörgyi Castle and Zoltán Soós, director of the Mures County Museum.