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The coordinators of the Romanian Youth Capital programmes from Timisoara, Bacau, Baia Mare, Iasi, Constanta and Cluj-Napoca met at the Castle Hotel Daniel for a workshop aimed at preparing a Youth City quality certificate to support and encourage the creation of urban youth ecosystems that address the current needs of young people combined with a 20-year perspective for the future. We have been working on the perspectives for the development of the Romanian Youth Capital programme over a 5-10 year time horizon.
The PONT Group hosted the event with support from the Erasmus+ programme through Erasmus+RO. We thank the Romanian Youth Council, the Youth Federation of Cluj and BCR for co-organizing and FITT Timisoara, the Youth Federation of Bacău, Baia Mare – Youth Capital of Romania 2018-2019, the Federation of Youth NGOs of Iasi and Constanta – Youth Capital of Romania 2021-2022 for their involvement and co-creation. We also thank the Ministry of Youth and Sport for their presence, openness and involvement.  #youthcapital