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We are very happy that we could be here for the third time at the Mikes Estate in Zăbala and that we could prepare for the holiday with you again! Around 800 guests visited the event hall and the castle park today, thank you so much for being with us!
Thank you to our co-organiser Zăbala Estate for hosting the Castle in Transylvania team for the third time on the second Saturday of Advent! Thank you to @Bloom Belle for the beautiful table decorations for the adult session, to Eva Demeter for the paper theatre and scavenger hunt, to @Retrobooth for the festive photo session, to the music students of the Molnár Józsiás Primary School in Handdivásárhely for the Christmas concert, to our volunteers Anett Páll Lukács, Benjamin Rusz, Dorottya Szondi and Beata Urszuly for leading the sessions! We wish you a blessed Advent!