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A new edition of the Com’ON Café consultation series, aimed to discover the needs and wants of the young people in various cities of Romania took place on Tuesday in Reghin. The approximately 20 participants discussed in the Youth Culture Hall George Enescu.
One of the recurring subjects of the discussions was traffic: from the need of diverting freight traffic to the traffic jams around schools, infrastructural and attitude aspects were both mentioned. Another theme was littering, where again, the need for selective waste collection, but also the need for educating the citizens surfaced.

photo: Szabó Tamás
Regarding the needs and wants of the youth, a large variety of propositions were mentioned: healthy food in schools, playgrounds for children, supporting young craftsmen or equipping the library with useful books for the young. Among specific projects, a museum of local industries, a violin museum or reviving the tradition of beer manufacturing in Reghin were mentioned.
The ideas and propositions will be communicated to decision makers, too. At Reghin, the locals could get some instantaneous answers from Crina Slev, the mayor’s counsel, who also took part in the discussions. She said that some projects are already running or planned, for example, the undergrounding of cables in the city centre will be completed in the near future.
The Com’ON Café event in Reghin was organised by PONT Group and Fundașia Comunitară Mureș. The series of consultations will continue in other Romanian cities, too.
Com’ON Café events are part of the Com’ON Romania program. The program aims to identify the needs and desires young people and to encourage their civic engagement, especially through dedicated participatory budgeting mechanisms for young people in cities of Romania. Sister project of Com’On Europe.
The program is supported by Erasmus+ National Agency Romania.

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