The awarding ceremony took place on Saturday, November 11 at the Romanian Youth Gala within the Youth Summit. The event was hosted by Bacău, the current holder of the Romanian Youth Capital title.

Presently, the Romanian Youth Capital Programme is under the High Patronage of the President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, a recognition which confirms the value of this concept.

‘We are very happy that Baia Mare will be the next Romanian Youth Capital with our concept called #UTurn. This title is not ours but belongs to the young people of Baia Mare and Romania. See you next year at Baia Mare, Romanian Youth Capital 2018-2019’, said Daniel Orza, representative of Baia Mare, Romanian Youth Capital.
Baia Mare will hold the title between May 2nd 2018 – May 1st 2019. Beside the title of Romanian Youth Capital, Baia Mare won the 50,000 euro prize offered by the Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR), co-initiator of the programme. These prizes represent a starting point for financing the proposed projects of the winner city, but also a resource for own contributions in attracting additional sources of financing.

#UTurn, the concept presented by Baia Mare, proposes to test, in one year’s duration, a program which aims to create attractive opportunities for young people, so they would be active and determined to stay and get involved in the community. The program will have the support of the local authorities, youth NGOs, informal youth groups, institutes and the business environment.

The candidacies of the three finalist cities were evaluated by an independent jury, composed of representatives of the youth NGO sector, the private sector, the youth organizations of the political parties represented in the parliament and a number of public institutes. The evaluation was based on several criteria, e.g. the motivation behind the justification of the candidacy, the coherence of the vision, the mission and the objectives and the correlation of the proposed projects with the strategies and documents of youth public policies.

The second competition held within this national program, which works on similar principles as the European Youth Capital, title held by Cluj-Napoca in 2015, saw an impressive number of candidacies: Alba Iulia, Baia Mare, Galați, Iași, Ploiești, Satu Mare and Suceava. The finalists were Baia Mare, Iași and Satu Mare.

The program is coordinated by the Govt of the Romanian Youth Capital Programme – Romanian Youth Council (CTR), Youth Federation Cluj (FTC), PONT Group and the Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR) – and aims to elaborate the way local authorities collaborate with youth NGOs and the private sector to position the young people of Romania in the center of the urban development process.

For further information about the Romanian Youth Capital Programme, please visit http://capitalatineretului.ro/

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