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Individuals selected for non-reimbursable funding under the CRITBIZ Entrepreneurship Program have stepped into mentoring. 8 specialists will guide them in order that the company they are going to set up to be sustainable and successful. Between February 11 and 13, the winners will meet face-to-face mentors, followed by online mentoring.

The purpose of mentoring is that at the time the company starts doing business, it has the maximum chances of being sustainable and prosperous. Finance, HR, Marketing and Management are the four areas win which people selected for funding benefit from mentoring.

Mentors in the program

Finance: Danguly Csongor, Vass Attila
Management: Arros Orsolya, Gál Sándor
Marketing: Gönczi József, Lőrincz Anna
HR: Gáti Csilla, Alexandra Pop

CRITBIZ is run by the Association for Business Promotion in Romania, in partnership with the Bihor Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the PONT Group. The program is contracted from the European Social Fund through the Human Capital Operational Program 2014-2020. Priority Axis 3. Jobs for All Specific Objective 3.7 Increasing employment by supporting non-agricultural enterprises in the urban area.

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