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Between April 1st and 11th the CIVIT Caravan will arrive in 8 cities with consultations with and for young people called CIVIT Cafés.

The visited cities are Botoșani, Buzău, Slobozia (Ialomița), București, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Deva, Sfântu Gheorghe (Covasna) and Baia Mare.

CIVIT Cafés are part of the CIVIT program and their goal is to identify needs of young people. The data collected will be used in reports on which County Action Plans can be based.


The aim of the CIVIT Platform is to develop and implement structured dialogue mechanisms in 8 counties in 8 development regions of Romania (including Bucharest-Ilfov), respectively, to strengthen and strengthen youth counseling mechanisms with the involvement of the youth sector and decision makers, and a country-wide scalable model is created / reinforced for mechanisms for annual planning and implementation of County Action Plans for Youth.

The overall objective of the CIVIT project is to develop participatory youth ecosystems in Romania based on principles such as open participation of youth and their organizations, ensuring the co-management principle between the public and youth sectors, and the consolidated management cycle of strategic plans and operative programs targeting youth at the county level.

The CIVIT platform is carried out under the aegis of Com’ON Romania, a program that aims to develop urban and regional youth ecosystems through participatory mechanisms such as participatory budgeting, innovative forms of consultation about cities and regions of Romania. We believe that young people want to get involved in public life in their community and want to improve the city/the community they live in. We believe they have an opinion, a vision, they can identify needs and shortcomings, but also possible solutions. The Com’ON Romania project aims to provide a framework in which they can make their voice heard easier and can enter into dialogue with decision-makers, especially about the subjects that affect them most.

CIVIT is initiated and carried out by PONT Group, an organization set up in 2009, which aims at social innovation through participation, entrepreneurship and culture with a special focus on young people and digitization. The PONT Group is established in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania, Europe. Among other things, the organization has also coordinated the candidacy of Cluj for the European Youth Capital 2015 and is part of the Government of the Romanian Youth Capital Program at national level.

The Ministry of Youth and Sport has supported the initiative since its initial conception. Both the ministry and the Youth and Sports County Departments in the counties concerned, respectively the TEI Cultural and Sports Complex for Students each signed a declaration of intent to participate in this project. The project-level grant application was also supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports as a key stakeholder and a key beneficiary of the project’s results. The project involves the following counties: Botosani, Buzău, Ialomiţa, Valcea, Hunedoara, Maramureş, Covasna, Bucharest (Ilfov County).

ERASMUS + is the Community program of the European Union that supports CIVIT through funding under Key Action 3, Structured Dialogue. These projects promote structured dialogue as a tool used by young people to make their voice heard about how youth policy at European level needs to be developed and implemented through interaction with decision-makers.

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