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As a part of the Innovation and Talent Conference, András Farkas, Strategic Director of PONT Group and Ágota Szilágyi-Kispista, the project manager of the Hungarian Youth Center evaluated the fourth season of the K Plusz Talent Management Program in a press conference.

“We went through a learning process in which we tried to understand the needs and tried out new things. In many cases, we have involved external experts, trainers, and we are also proud that entrepreneurs have grown from this program who can now share their own experiences. We want to create an ecosystem in Cluj-Napoca and Transylvania, with our won mentors, experts, trainers, so we don’t have to import the knowledge and the people stay here, create new jobs here”, András Farkas said.

The K+ Community Center and the K Plusz program are jointly run and operated by the PONT Group and the Hungarian Youth Center (MIK). MIK is carrying on the legacy of the programs started in the year of the Cluj-Napoca 2015 European Youth Capital and provides an umbrella for about 70 Hungarian organizations, said Ágota Szilágyi-Kispista.

During the four seasons of K Plusz, the Creative Cluj program run by the PONT Group organized 91 events with approximately 3580 participants, 72 events were organized by MIK, which were attended by around 2900 participants in total.

K Plusz and Creative Cluj will be present at the Hungarian Cultural Days of Cluj and we are also planning the next season.

The organizers said that the Innovation and Talent Conference was an opportunity to talk about innovation; to draw conclusions from which we understand what innovation means in the first place. The conference will take place in Cluj-Napoca on 14-15 June.

The K Plusz Program is supported by Ministry of Human Resources of Hungary through the National Talent Program. The Innovation and Talent Conference is organized in partnership with the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ).

Photo: Serar Szabolcs

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