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A framework document calling for the development of sustainable cities and communities was adopted at the 68th UN Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City, USA. The event, which was organized for the first time in a location other than the UN headquarters in New York, was attended by over four thousand organizations and networks of nongovernmental organizations, including PONT Group from Cluj.

At the summit, a final declaration was adopted, urging the international organizations and governments to operational action, but also the civil society to self-commit.

The presence of PONT Group at the event is organically linked to the process of developing the concept and methodology of Urban Youth Circle, which is the basis of Baia Mare’s bid for the title of European Youth Capital. This concept is also part of one of the topics addressed at the conference: sustainable cities and communities, respectively young people. PONT Group participated in the conference in partnership with the Federation of Youth NGOs in Maramureș.

PONT Group recommended, both in writing and on the spot, the strengthening of the processes of urban participation, and at the same time emphasized that the document should contain, in addition to the appeal to governments, the urge for self-commitment to civil society. This recommendation was supported by other participants and led to the partial restructuring of the document.

The young participants also adopted a set of complementary measures in relation to the climate of the Earth. The document, which contains largely commitments from young people, formally states that we are not talking about global warming, nor about climate change, but about climate crisis, and there is an urgent and critical need for action.

PONT Group urges the Romanian institutions and organizations to take action, in the context of the conclusions and calls made at the conference. At the same time, our organization is committed to include them both in our programs in Romania (Youth Capital of Romania) and in international collaborations, such as projects for the development of urban youth ecosystems within the European Youth Capital Network or the final candidacy of the city of Baia Mare for the title of European Youth Capital.

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