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How can we best support young people to solve their problems? Well, by creating an inspiring environment for them to develop their problem-solving skills and abilities, by providing them with a framework to develop their creativity. 


The Creative Youth Cities project, developed in partnership with the associations PSIENTÍFICA (Portugal) and ILMIOLAVORO (Italy), aims to do just that: to create the opportunity for like-minded young people to gain inspiration and practical knowledge, to try out their ideas without fear of failure.   

The final event of the Cluj-Napoca workshop series was held last weekend, on 22 October, with the participation of pupils and students aged 15-26, delegated by the student organisations of our city. We started our work together with games to stimulate creativity, but we also discussed and developed basic entrepreneurial skills in a playful way. After warming up, getting in the mood and doing some initial work, the students worked on identifying what real community problems they were facing and how they could come up with realistic solutions. Working in teams, several ideas were generated, and participants voted on the best one. The winning team looked at how to create a framework for an innovative community learning experience. So they envisioned a space where groups could retreat to separate rooms and work together, talking, collaborating, motivating and helping each other, working together on joint projects outside of school.   

The team members will present the design of this creative, alternative learning space in Agueda, Portugal, at the next Creative Youth Cities project event. They will be hosted by the Psientífica association and the Centro de Juventude de Águeda from 21-25 November. 


The photos taken at the event can be seen here.