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The multi-annual strategic project called History is Our Story aims to develop new communication forms about the cultural, social, historic and economic values of Transylvanian castles and the local communities around them. The built heritage will be presented in an original artistic manner in this project: an interactive webdocumentary about three Transylvanian castles: the Bethlen Castle in Bahnea, the Apaffy Castle in Dumbrăveni and the Rhédey Castle in Sangeorgiu de Padure.

The situation of the three castles is different regarding their history, their location and their communities. The webdocumentary is based on the stories of the castles and the communities, but the finding of these stories and telling them in an interesting way are challenges on their own.

We will work closely with experts of different fields in the process of creating this webdocumentary, for a wide and professional approach of the subject. This is a multi-disciplinary project and through the usage of an innovative form and an interdisciplinary camp the project itself is a learning and creative process for everyone involved.

We chose to make a webdocumentary because it is different from traditional documentaries by integrating multimedia techniques (photos, text, audio, animation, infographics, etc) wit web programming. In a webdocumentary users have to be actively involved in the platform in order to navigate through the story, therefore they will find out the story of the castles in an interactive way which will make them more eager to learn about these castles.

The director of the documentary is Felméri Cecília, a talented director from Cluj-Napoca who received several awards for her short films and is currently working on her first feature film.