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Creative Cluj and K Plus intent is to assist young and innovative people to grow by creating or taking part in feasible businesses and to provide a space for sustainable growth. We do this through various workshops for all levels of entrepreneurs, through organising themed evenings and mornings with expert guests within Creative Cluj. 

Creative Cluj is a program specializing in the development of creative and entrepreneurial skills, its primary target group being the potential young Hungarian entrepreneurs living in Cluj-Napoca and its metropolitan area, who are also interested in the creative industries. The primary goal of the program is to help creative young people reach a professional self-realization that they can achieve by creating viable businesses or becoming part of one of them. 

K Plusz is a complex talent management framework program that aims at finding and supporting talented young people living in Cluj-Napoca and its metropolitan area by developing their abilities, skills and competencies and by strengthening their network of contacts. This helps them in entering the labour market more efficiently and in starting individual and group economic or social enterprises. The K Plus program rolls through thematic trainings, professional forums, competitions, conferences, during which theoretical, practical and applied methodologies are combined. 

“Creative Cluj aims to increase entrepreneurial skills among young Hungarian people from Transylvania. At our workshops, the participants gained practical knowledge, which helped them to be more confident when it comes to founding a company and to have a more conscious leadership. Our guest speakers at the online networking events were presenting good examples, and our public was confirmed that there are success stories and the starry sky is the limit with persistent, conscious work.   

2020 has put many start-ups in danger due to the crisis caused by the pandemic, however we managed to contribute to the development of companies and help them solving problems. In 2021 sharing professional content and forming a strong community will be our main focus, and also presenting positive outcomes in hard times.“ – Szörcsey Ágnes, project manager 

  • Number of participants in the program: 79.142 
  • Number of events in the program: 73 
  • Number of experts involved in the program: 91