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Decision to prepare this guidebook came as a result of several years work – theory and practice. People involved in preparation of this edition met years ago as experts working on development concepts for European Youth Capitals, where emerged two very important topics – social innovation and social entrepreneurship. Coming from countries with similar social and political context during the past fifty years, it was not a big challenge to recognise the social innovation concept as strong point to address many of the problems existing in our communities, cities and probably in the entire region of South Eastern Europe. And social entrepreneurship is seen as one of the strongest measures to apply social innovation also as a tool for strengthening communities with active citizenship and volunteering. Neglected areas as social inclusion, urban development, healthcare, employment, education, etc. are among most preferred areas for social entrepreneurship.

This guidebook and the underlying project was implemented by IDEA from Varna, Bulgaria and PONT Group from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

The experience gained for the last three years, research and looking for creative solutions made us willing to share the knowledge, achievements and obstacles one can face when initiate such an enterprise, so to create a bigger platform for learning and sharing and to encourage brave people willing to create positive change in society.

The project and guidebook “How to Start a Social Startup” was supported through a grant provided by Municipality of Varna in the framework of the Vanra 2017 European Youth Capital programme.

You can download the guidebook HERE.