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The project’s mission is to strengthen the role of young individuals and informals groups comprised of young individuals in the shaping of society and to support their participation in the active shaping of society through a sustainable, responsible and inclusive urban development process and through the sharing of European space, culture, strength, work, joy, vision and values, while tackling subjects such as supporting and teaching of responsibility to young people, structured mobility, information and dialogue, all within the framework of a year-long project in Cluj-Napoca.

The strategic aim of the project is to create a portfolio of small projects that are proposed by young people, addressed to the local community (especially the peripheral zones of Cluj-Napoca Municipality), contributes to the local people’s active participation in the life of the community, involves citizens in proactive actions, unfolds in public and common spaces, and allows free entry for locals without any financial barrier (ticket).

Com’ON Cluj-Napoca was first launched in 2015, the year in which Cluj-Napoca held the European Youth Capital title. A second edition followed in 2016, and the third is now ongoing. You can read more about the program in Romanian and Hungarian at www.comoncluj.ro.