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Youth Work Forward

The aim of Youth Work Forward is to achieve a certified curricular framework for the training of youth workers and the development of a network of their collaboration through a pilot training edition through which a group of at...


Our project called Interdisciplinary study on young people’s needs and opportunities assessment in Cluj-Napoca (LEAP) is implemented in Cluj metropolitan area by the Department of Public Health – Babeș-Bolyai University, the Department of Political Sciences – Babeș-Bolyai University, PONT Group...


LAYOUTH comes from Local Action for Youth. But it is also the combination of LAYOUT and YOUTH. Not the least, it also aims a call towards YOU with the middle letters of the newly created word. The project involves...


The aim of the CIVIT Platform is to develop and implement structured dialogue mechanisms in 8 counties in 8 development regions of Romania (including Bucharest-Ilfov), respectively, to strengthen and strengthen youth counseling mechanisms with the involvement of the youth...

Com’ON Cluj-Napoca

The project’s mission is to strengthen the role of young individuals and informals groups comprised of young individuals in the shaping of society and to support their participation in the active shaping of society through a sustainable, responsible and...

Con’ON Europe

The goal of COM’ON Europe during is to create an open source framework for European cities in implementing participatory budgeting processes, which target young people not just as creators and initiators but also as decision makers themselves.


Tineri Inovatori Sociali este un proiect de inovare socială ce își propune realizarea unui program care să dezvolte competențele tinerilor liceeni în a identifica problemele din societate și posibilele soluții la acestea.


The Com’ON Romania program aims to identify the needs and desires young people and to encourage their civic engagement, especially through dedicated participatory budgeting mechanisms for young people in cities of Romania.