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Through this project we aim to create European Innovatory, a European movement of 840 high-school pupils, 70 teachers, 50 experts and decision makers involved in a creative and collaborative learning process identifying needs and problems in society and providing creative solutions on local and European level based on the method of Design Thinking until 2023. 

We hope to develop high-school students’ critical thinking, creative and problem-solving skills, and proactive attitude in a creative and collaborative environment, in a safe space where they can try themselves out while receiving constructive feedback, while also improving teacher-pupil working relationships through the creation of 210 creative teams, by involving high-school students (aged 14-18) and their teachers from seven urban areas. We also want to demonstrate the problem-solving capabilities of young people to local stakeholders and decision-makers involved in local urban development and overall community development at the European level. We’re trying to build a long-term collaboration, management, and decision-making platform encompassing seven pilot cities and ten more European partners, with the goal of ensuring the project’s success, including its consolidation as a European movement, and a scalable model in Europe and the world. 

This project, initiated by PONT is being implemented in partnership with Municipio de Braga (Portugal), Mladinski kulturni center Maribor (Slovenia), Omilos UNESCO Neon Thessalonikis (Greece), Municipio de Cascais (Portugal), omladinski savez udruzenja Novi Sad (Serbia), omladinka prestonica Evrope – OPENS (Serbia), Lietuvos verslo kolegija (Lituania).  

European Innovatory is funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ programme.