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Young people are full of good ideas. They know, feel the needs of the city, or simply the things that would make them feel better in it. Com’On Sfântu Gheorghe provides space and support for just such ideas.


In the program run by Prospero Cultural and Youth Association, PONT Group and Sfântu Gheorghe City Hall and Local Council, we welcome the ideas of teams of 14 – 35 year olds, ideas and initiatives that are carried out on the territory of Sfântu Gheorghe, with free access. You can submit programs, creative, cultural, social activities etc. that you think make Sfântu Gheorghe a better place! We are waiting for teams and ideas to register on this platform. After the deadline, Sfântu Gheorghe residents will vote on the initiatives, and the ideas that receive the most votes will receive funding of 2600 lei for implementation.

Registration: 1 June – 10 July

Technical evaluation: 11 – 12 July

Voting process: 13 July – 1 August

Implementation of initiatives: 3 August – 30 November

This year’s priorities are:

  • Community: Initiatives that bring new experiences into the lives of Sfântu Gheorghe residents, make them active members of the community and provide opportunities for constructive discussion and exchange of ideas between people.
  • Living Environment: Bringing urban space and the natural environment to the fore through awareness-raising activities and initiatives that promote environmentally conscious thinking and action.
  • Knowledge: Initiatives that contribute to the acquisition of knowledge, experience and transfer of expertise between individuals and groups.
  • Lifestyle: Inspiring initiatives that shape the daily lives of city residents and motivate community members to lead a healthy lifestyle in the physical, mental and spiritual sense.
  • Creation: Initiatives where community members create something new, whether it is an event, product or innovative solution in the arts or any other field.

The Com’ON Sepsi team supports teams with thematic workshops for the development, promotion and realisation of initiatives: project writing and management, communication workshop, event organisation workshop.

Find out more about the project by clicking here.