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The project aims to develop and strengthen a participatory process and dialogue with young people.  Through it we want to generate collective action in support of the European Youth Goals. At the same time, the project focuses on demonstrating the contribution of Romanian youth and the Romanian youth ecosystem to the collective European efforts in this regard.   

Through this project we contribute to the European collective efforts of dialogue with young people. We are implementing the Youth Resolution 2022, thus demonstrating the major impact of the Romanian youth contribution to the European Youth Goals. Together with our partners, we provide a facilitated and organised context for a dialogue process with young people. At the same time, we contribute to amplifying the voice of young people by organising the Youth Summit 2022. We will prepare the technical conditions for large-scale participatory mechanisms and also assist in the decision making process for setting the key theme.  

The project is initiated and coordinated by PONT, is carried out in partnership with the Cluj Youth Federation and the Romanian Youth Council and is funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ programme.