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Through this project PONT and the other partner institutions aim to put youth volunteering at the epicentre of urban resilience and long-term urban development based on equity, participation and shared vision by creating and delivering an urban transformation process made of a theory framework, practical tools and digitally integrated volunteer management mechanism regarding the active civic engagement of young people in urban life through volunteering.    

We want to empower over 10,000 young urban citizens and 350 organizational stakeholders in being an active part of their communities, capping over 100,000 volunteer hours before the conclusion of this project by the end of 2023. We are working on developing a scalable model of urban youth volunteer management by designing delivery tools, a support platform model and by creating a working cooperation platform and network of 7 starting cities in the field of volunteering, a platform which can be enhanced later in further domains concerning youth, too.   

Our partners: OBSTINSKA FONDATSIA PLOVDIV 2019 (Bulgaria), Omilos UNESCO Neon Thessalonikis (Greece), YOUTH ALLIANCE – KRUSEVO (Macedonia), omladinski savez udruzenja Novi Sad omladinka prestonica Evrope – OPENS (Serbia), Zavod za podporo civilnodruzbenih iniciativ in multikulturno sodelovanje Pekarna Magdalenske mreze Maribor (Slovenia).

Forward in Urban Youth Volunteering 21 is funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ programme.