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We are the cities which held, hold or are nominated to hold the European Youth Capital title. We work together in the Network of European Youth Capitals.

We work together on a vision which is set out through three perspectives:
Our vision is one Europe with cities and metropolitan areas committed to youth and actively involving youth policies in local and regional development, participatory processes and decision making,
Our vision considers youth participation, equal opportunities for youth and sustainability of youth structures as driving forces of medium and long term urban development, with a key contribution to the quality of life of all inhabitants of cities and the surrounding regions.
Our vision takes into account youth policies and strategies of the European Union, the Council of Europe and the United Nations, and aims implementing them effectively at local level.

Hence, the the mission of the Network of European Youth Capitals is to develop a cooperative and sustainable network of European cities which were designated as European Youth Capitals by the European Youth Forum, building solidarity among members and partners and encouraging European cities to align to the vision of this network.
We are the active European Youth Capitals of Torino 2010, Braga 2012, Maribor 2013, Thessaloniki 2014, Cluj-Napoca 2015, Ganja 2016, Varna 2017, Cascais 2018, Novi Sad 2019 and Amiens 2020.
Rotterdam 2009 and Antwerpen 2011 were also European Youth Capital cities but they are not active in the Network at this moment.

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