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The aim of Youth Work Forward is to achieve a certified curricular framework for the training of youth workers and the development of a network of their collaboration through a pilot training edition through which a group of at least 15 people receive the certification of youth worker and form the first core of this network.

The mission is to form a sustainable network of youth workers and specialists who are able to provide the necessary guidance and support to young people living, studying and working in Cluj-Napoca to meet specific challenges in individual development and community integration.

The youth worker

They mobilize young people in order to develop life skills and proactive behaviours, stimulating associative life and cooperation among young people, facilitating their participation in community life.

The course

The course is built to professionalize the work of people working with young people, to raise the standards of the non-formal learning process.

The course for the occupation of Youth Worker (COR code 341205) offers the following specific skills:

  1. Designing the personal and professional development plan
  2. Informing young people
  3. Supporting the non-formal learning process among young people
  4. Development of community cooperation

It will address issues such as the role of the youth worker, interpersonal and public communication, youth activity management, learning methods, leadership, working with young people online, crisis management, youth identification and development plan, volunteering, equal opportunities and public youth policies.

After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • define the young;
  • distinguishes the profile of the youth worker,
  • define youth services,
  • demonstrate skills in analyzing the needs of the young person,
  • demonstrate communication skills,
  • demonstrate the ability to influence groups,
  • demonstrate decision-making skills,
  • demonstrate skills in leading a learning process,
  • identify discriminatory behaviour,
  • organize youth activities,
  • implement non-formal learning methods,
  • make a development plan for the young person

At the end of the course, participants will take a graduation exam in the presence of a commission from the National Authority for Qualifications after which they will obtain the graduation certificate for the occupation of Youth Worker, recognized by the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.


Date Activity
October 23-30 Call for participants
October 31 – November 3 Selection of participants
November 3 Announcing the participants after the selection
November 9-11, 1-7 PM Training session
November 12-13, 1-6 PM Training session
November 17-18, 1-7 PM Training session
November 19, 1-3 PM Exam

Trainer: Diana Sabo (super youth worker, DEIS Association president, Ministry of Youth and Sports advisor, coordinator within the Baia Mare – Romanian Youth Capital and Baia Mare for European Youth Capital 2022 and 2023 programs)

Where: Zoom

Minimum course access requirements:

  • high school diploma,
  • possession of appropriate equipment (PC / laptop / tablet / mobile device, internet connection, software zoom, audio-video tools) and acceptance to use them during the training session.

Registration form: https://pontgroup.typeform.com/to/oSoiSob7. The deadline to complete the form is October 30, 11:59 PM.

In order to obtain certification, participants are required to attend all training sessions. The course consists of 38 hours of training and 2 hours of examination. Graduation certificates will be issued after the course by the ANC, regardless of the organizer.

Youth Work Forward is carried out by the PONT Group and financed by the City Hall and the Local Council of Cluj-Napoca.

Photo source: CIVIT